The Joy of Discovery

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.”     Matthew 13: 45-46


I love discovering new things!  Exploring new places and engaging in unknown experiences is exciting! But nothing delights my soul more than when God reveals something new to me – whether it’s a fuller understanding of a facet of His character, eyes to see Him at work in the world and those around me, or a fresh insight into a familiar scripture passage – these spiritual discoveries are my greatest treasures.  

I remember reading the parable of the extraordinary pearl to my children 25+ years ago as a bedtime story.  Each time I read it, it made me uncomfortable.  Was I really ready to sell everything I owned for the Kingdom of Heaven?  I knew the answer.  That’s why I was uncomfortable.  Over the years God has gently and slowly been changing my desires.  While I’ve certainly not yet arrived, my desire for God and His Kingdom above the things of this world is steadily increasing.  Recently a new way of interpreting this parable that I’d never thought of before came to light.  The whole story flipped.  Rather than the Kingdom of God being the pearl and me being the purchaser, God wanted me to see myself as the extraordinary pearl of great value and realize He gave everything to purchase me.  Wow!  A new discovery!  Joy and delight filled my heart! 


Prayer:  God of Love, before the Kingdom of Heaven was my treasure, I was your treasure.  Because of your love You held nothing back.  You gave your one and only Son because You desired to be in relationship with me above all else.  Thank you, Father!  Continue working in my heart and mind so that I will willingly give everything for You –  my hopes, dreams, time, energy, talents, heart, mind, and soul, all that I am. You are worthy of it all!


Lisa Brown