Knowing God’s Will


Those who see the Son and believe in him have eternal life. This is what my Father wants.”  John 6:40



   When we spend time in God’s presence, we learn His will for us. Having a personal relationship with God is essential to understanding God’s will. He will speak differently to you than He will speak to me or to others. For Moses He spoke through a burning bush and to convince Jonah, He used a whale. God reveals to us what is in His heart in ways that we cannot imagine or comprehend, but we will know when it is Him speaking to us.  

     That is why your walk, my walk with God is essential. We can’t see what is in His heart by having a talk with Him once in a while or by a weekly visit. If we walk with Him long enough though, we will come to know His will and understand His heart. Learning that is by living His plan, every day. 

     Remember, He is always there waiting to hear our prayers and answer our needs, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.


My Prayer

Dear God,

Thanks for Your daily walks with me God, thanks for listening to my prayers  and thanks for Your answers. Thanks for the plan You have for me, that I may know the will You have for me and live it every day. Let me be a beacon of Your love to others. Forgive the mistakes I’ve made and let me forgive the mistakes of others. In Jesus’ name I pray.


Jim Kerner