His Word is a Lamp

True confession:  my Christmas tree is still up. It is an artificial tree, with flocking and pine cones on the branches, sort of a little fairy tale looking conifer.  There are no ornaments or garland decorating it, those have been stored away.  It is, however, covered in lights.  Not just the prelit ones that still work, I have added string after string, weaving it through the branches until the tree is ablaze with twinkly, sparkly, beautiful lights.   

Every morning over the past week I have told myself “today the tree comes down.” And yet, every day I procrastinate and instead plug the cord in that sets it ablaze.  I’ve come to realize it isn’t the chore of taking the lights down and storing them so they will hopefully be tangle free next year, or the idea of lugging the pieces of the tree down to the basement.   On these gray winter days, the lights of the tree make me happy.  It’s as simple as that.  They comfort me, make me feel cozy, and they brighten up the dark day.   


Psalm 119:105 (NLT)  Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. 


This world has gray days and dark places, not just in the winter months, not just externally.  We all have internal struggles, dark moments of weakness and failings.  Jesus gives us in Psalm 119 a bright promise and an eternal truth.  His Word is a radiant lamp that will guide us through this fallen world. His Word illuminates our path step by step, showing us the way.  His Word is the light of truth.

My tree will come down soon and I think, in its place, I will gather some small lamps, candles, and strings of light to continue giving extra warmth and comfort to the winter months.  However, it is in Scripture that God’s Word will light up my soul, giving my spirit guidance as I follow the path He has for me.   


My Prayer

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for Your Word which gives me light in the darkness.  Your Word IS a lamp for my feet, and I know spending time with You in Scripture will guide my path.  The darkness of the world and the gray days of my spirit have been given a foundation of hope and illumination of Your eternal truth.  


Becky Burns