Drinking from my Saucer


Do any of you remember older generations drinking from their saucer? I can remember my grandmother and her sister drinking tea from their saucers. I always thought it was because it was too hot.




Today I came across this poem that made me feel there was more to it, a symbolism if you will. It is written by John Paul Moore and is entitled:


Drinking From My Saucer

I have never made a fortune, 

And I will never make one now 

But it really doesn’t matter 

Because I am happy anyhow


As I go along my journey 

I am reaping better than I have sowed 

I am drinking from the saucer 

Because my cup has overflowed


I don’t have a lot of riches, 

And sometimes the going’s tough 

But with kin and friends to love me 

I think I am rich enough


I thank God for the blessings 

That His mercy has bestowed 

I am drinking from the saucer 

Because my cup has overflowed


He gives me strength and courage 

When the way grows steep and rough 

I will not ask for other blessings for 

I am already blessed enough


I remember times when things went wrong 

My faith wore somewhat thin 

But all at once the dark clouds broke 

And the sun peeped through again


So God help me not to gripe about 

The tough rows that I’ve hoed 

I’m drinking from my saucer 

Because my cup has overflowed


May we never be too busy 

To help bear another’s load 

Then we will all be drinking from the saucer 

When our cups have overflowed


My Prayer:

Gracious God, thank You for Your blessings, more than I can count, more than I deserve. Through the abundance of Your mercy, grace and love, my cup has overflowed.


Blessings to you all, 

Jim Kerner