Weekly Devotional by Morgan Burns

“During the past month, it seems like our world has been consumed by uncertainty. I would often find myself sitting in my room, feeling unsure about what I should do or what I was suppose to do. I let this feeling consume me and didn’t know how to let it go. I opened up my windows and sunlight came bursting through, reminding me of a Bible verse- Psalms 18:28. I opened my Bible and read “You light a lamp for me. The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness”.
While times may seem challenging and at times what is happening around us may seem uncertain, God lights a way for us to escape the darkness, and to find hope and reassurance.

I hope this, along with a short prayer, will give you peace and comfort to start the day.

Dear merciful Lord,

Things seem unclear. I’m not sure where I stand or if the decisions I make are correct. Too many thoughts circle my mind and confuse me. The enemy brings uncertainty and fear to my heart. Cast away the darkness, show me your will and bring me clarity and peace. Bring me certainty. Lord, help me to see that You will never leave me and you will always lead me, and that I belong to you.

In Jesus name,


– Morgan Burns