Weekly Devotional by Diana Golden

“Everything can change in a day!

That’s exactly what my dear, adopted daughter Katie recently said to me. Katie has a beautiful love for our Lord. She had been praying for months about her employment – she wasn’t happy in her job and felt uninspired. Out of the blue, she was offered her dream job at a fabulous salary. Additionally, people began contacting her asking her to consult for their businesses.

Days may come and days may go, but one day, even one moment, can change the course of your life. In the beginning, there was nothing, but then God created evening and morning (please read Genesis 1:1-28). In a day, God created man. In a day, Adam and Eve fell from grace. In a day, Jesus triumphed over sin upon the cross. In a day, we became a child of God. Indeed, a day does change everything!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for this day that you have gifted me. Help me to make the most of it for Your glory. In your name I pray.


– Diana Golden