Weekly Devotional by Becky Burns

Pray Through the Spirit

Read Romans 8:26 and Psalm 34:18

When I spend time in my Bible I am comforted. I know reading God’s word and spending time with Him will bless me with a calm heart and a feeling of hope! You’d think then I’d be sure to have that time with Him every day. Too often though, especially lately, I spend my time focused on work, my energy on keeping my environment sanitized, keeping masks on every child in my class, and physically distancing while trying to emotionally connect. Outside of work, I miss people. I miss the hours of good conversation and laughing until I cry. Standing close, sitting near, leaning in. Phone calls, face time and zoom meetings don’t always cut it. It hurts and it can be scary, and if I don’t read my Bible and pray, it’s a fast slide into anger at all of the changes this pandemic has created.

When I pick that Good Book back up I sit, knowing I can’t hold on to His word and all the anger at the same time. I may struggle as I start to pray because the words are elusive, the pain is not. One of my favorite passages is from Romans “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness…the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” I don’t have to know where to start! The Spirit knows and every pained thought I’ve used to fuel that anger is released! One translation I’ve read says “the Spirit Himself pleads for us in yearnings that can find no words” I definitely yearn – for a return to life before COVID. It’s a constant: sometimes in the background of daily living, sometimes so overwhelming I can’t breathe. The Holy Spirit knows and prays the words I can’t. The pandemic is still here. COVID is still a threat. I will still hand out masks and wipe down desks as I teach students to read. I will continue to miss friends I dearly love and the comfort of a hug. I will also go forth now with a peace and hope I have only experienced through spending time with God. A peace that surpasses all understanding. It restores my soul. It leaves me with unending hope. Praise God!

Dear Lord,

How blessed I am to approach You with my fear and anger and have You lift it away. You fill me with appreciation for the day and hope for an even better tomorrow. Your breathe peace and calm into my soul.


– Becky Burns