JOY IN THE JOURNEY! Advent 2020 Devotional 25

December 25, 2020
John 3:16-17

It’s the best gift, ever. Something wonderful is happening: God is loving this world. God has loved us, and will always love us. And the most wonderful part is the intention of God: it’s is our being safe and secure from all things alarming. It’s our knowing that Christmas means love came and keeps coming. God’s grace and love is for Christmas Day and all the days of our lives. We are the people of God. We are loved. Give the gift of God’s love to everyone you see!
Merry Christmas!

Thank you, holy God for being holy and being human. Help us to be people who give the good gift of your love to all we encounter. Bless us and smile on us today, with your love. Amen

Pat Weatherwax