JOY IN THE JOURNEY! Advent 2020 Devotional 22

December 22, 2020
Matthew 2: 7-8

Amongst all of the hope of Advent, the reaction of Herod the Great stands in stark contrast. Herod hears the Biblical prophecy as a threat to his reign, similar to other threats he has perceived. The executions of several family members, including his wife, and of others who oppose him were recorded in history. Here we see Herod seeking information, pretending he wants to worship the future ruler and using the timing which the Magi provide to determine the age of the child. What a contrast to the others who will seek out the Christ child to truly welcome him. Yet Herod’s reaction foreshadows the reaction of others whose opinions will be threatened by the Messiah and who will seek to destroy him.

Thank you God for bringing your message of hope, peace, love and joy into that troubled world. Help us to deliver your message into our troubled world. Amen.

Carl McCune