JOY IN THE JOURNEY! Advent 2020 Devotional 17

December 17, 2020
Luke 2:15-18

After announcing the birth of Jesus with radiant light and music, the angels were gone! Can you imagine the quiet darkness that surrounded the shepherds as they sat in awed amazement? What must it have been like to have an angel of the Lord suddenly appear and speak to them? They were just lowly shepherds! With childlike faith, they did not question the angel’s message, but with great anticipation, they went to Bethlehem straight away, and found the baby “wrapped snugly” in a manger, just as the angels had told them. They then went out and told everyone what they had heard and seen.

Wow! God chose the lowly shepherds to be the first to hear about His gift to the world, and be the first to go out and share the “ good news” that would “bring great joy to all people”. By choosing the shepherds God shows us that His gifts of hope and love are for everyone.

Thank you dear God for your gifts of hope and love. May we be more like the shepherds and share your good news with everyone. Amen

Kiran Bilanow