JOY IN THE JOURNEY! Advent 2020 Devotional 16

December 16, 2020
Luke 2:13-14

These familiar verses from a familiar story spoke to me differently in 2020.
Question 1 of the Shorter Catechism is succinct about “our chief end.” Glorify God and enjoy him forever.
The angels were singing God’s praises. By verse 20, the shepherds were glorifying God! It was contagious!
The Christmas Story isn’t simply a story. The angels and shepherds are inspiring examples. They were being faithful and it brought great joy to them and the whole earth.
How is God glorified? Can you identify the angels and shepherds in your life? To whom have you been an angel or shepherd?
All creation, join in praising God the Father, Spirit, Son,
evermore your voices raising to the eternal three in One:
come and worship, come and worship,
worship Christ, the newborn king!

May we ever worship you, our king! Amen

Nathan Martens