Advent Devotional 12.25.21





Saturday, December 25, 2021



Promises, Promises, Promises

The Word became flesh and lived among us and we have seen His glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14


How many times have we made promises and never followed through with them? We promise to get together but never do. The date is not set. Soon the promise is forgotten. But what about the One to whom we made the promise? Did they forget? Are they still waiting?

God always keeps His promise as we see in today’s passage in John. He promised to send a Savior in the Old Testament. (Isaiah 7:14) A baby would be born to a virgin. God would be near to His people and live among them and we would see His glory through Him. God sent Jesus, His son, born as a baby, just like you and me.

God kept His promise to us. When Jesus was born, He was who God’s people were promised.



Dear God, You are the ultimate Promise-Keeper.  We sometimes fail in not keeping our promise to You and others. But you sent Jesus into the world because we need a Savior. You sent us this wonderful, promised gift.  We celebrate Jesus’ birth as God among us. Thank You, God, for this priceless, long-promised gift.


Jean Rost