Advent Devotional 11.30.21

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Lord His God

And he will stand to lead his flock with the Lord’s strength, in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God.  Then his people will live here undisturbed for he will be highly honored all around the world.  And he will be the source of our peace.

Micah 5:4


For me, advent is a time of great anticipation, reverence, and joy. I love decorating, finding special gifts, and gathering with loved ones. I enjoy the lights, sparkle, and music.  I treasure memories from each ornament on the tree. However, the truest joy is celebrating the birth of the tiny baby that changed everything, just as Micah prophesied.  This passage also reaches forward to Christ’s return. Micah knew ‘He shall be great to the ends of the earth.’ What comfort this gives me. Whatever happens in the world I can rest in the knowledge He will come again to ‘stand and feed his flock’ and we shall live securely!



Dear Lord, keep in my heart this passage from Micah. There is no need for me to live with worry or fear about the world today.  As I celebrate the birth of Christ, let me remember He will be back, and let me live every day with the same anticipation, reverence, and joy I feel during Advent.



Becky Burns