Advent Devotional 12.1.21



Wednesday, December 1, 2021



Our Fortress

The Lord is the strength of His people, a fortress of salvation for His anointed one.  Save your people and bless Your inheritance; be their shepherd and carry them forever.  

Psalm 28:8-9


Christmas time has always been a season of joy and expectation for me. As a child my siblings and I dreamed of the presents we were to receive and sensed the good will expressed everywhere. The music was happy and elevated, the television shows embraced the season, and there were so many stories of ‘Christmas miracles.’ It transcended the limited income of a large family, having enough necessities but no extras.

We also celebrated the Christ child born in the manger so simple, and the attendance of angels, shepherds and wise men. How marvelous that God, our Father, sent His only begotten Son to take the form of a helpless child, a lamb, needing nourishment, protection, and love, who then became the savior of all mankind.  The immensity of it increases each year as I attempt to comprehend the depth of the love that made it all happen. The joy of Christmas surpasses the troubles that were to come as well as the good.

That Lamb became the shepherd of all people who follow Him. He becomes a fortress of strength the moment we place our trust in Him. No one can take that inheritance away from us against our will.



Lord, thank you for blessing your family with joy, hope and a secure future through the Christ child, the Lamb who saved mankind.


Tom Till